Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jash Interview

1. Who are you?
im jash, i like tea.

2. What have you been up to latelly?
im been arranging moving to bristol to finally go to college to study creative music production! Ive also been learning a program called reaper, which is simply fantastic. everyone should download a copy and see what the future of music and how it is sold to the customer might actually be like. Great software!!

3. What do you have coming up?
im releasing an ep 'i am waking up' on Envizagae records based in Germany, also the first of the monthly mini mixes and some other stuff that will be revealed soon.

4. Who should we watch out for?
i still think low leaf is the best producer and artist that ive heard in the past year.

5. What are you feeling right now?
im feeling new changes at the moment right now, new horizons, mostly in anticipation of this change ive been listening to dj cam.

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