Thursday, September 17, 2009

Once you go White...

White Girl Lust....The name should say it right there.
WGL is a collection of "two bad yer mouth!)" hailing from Denver and the Bay Area.
I was first introduced to these dudes via their contribution to Discobelle's "Mixin it up" mix series a couple years back and have been on their jock ever since. Their "Come on my love" tune has always been a mainstay in my dj sets.
They definitely have that bump that makes you wish you owned a 77 Cadillac.

They recently posted (via their Solid Bump website) a new mix recorded last week at the Triple Crown/Studio SF party in San Francisco where they came with some serious disco and funk tunes.
Grab it here and hustle over to Beatport and pick up all of their tunes here .

Also peep their new video for "Back and Forth"

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