Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big Car Dub Mix

The "Big Car" Dub mix

The night of Dec. 4th i was booked to play @ the Big Car Gallery with Andy D & Twin Monster, with art provided by Tre Reising. I didn't know if they wanted me to deejay or a live electronics set, so i brought the laptop and sampler/controller. I ended up doing a Ableton laptop dj set playing everything from Radiohead to Santogold to Murderbot.
This is a recording of one of my practice live electronics set. This is a blueprint for my set if i only used the sampler/controller doing a "live" remix of my samples, breaks, loops. A edit of the loops and tunes i've been writing over the last few months for a live setting.
Heavy reggae, electronic, bass heavy, break-beat stuff.
thanks to Roots Iric for samples. thanks to Jim and all @ Big Car, Andy D, Twin monster, and Tre for a great show and having me out.


Happy Holidazes

& Enjoy!


feel free to spread among friends!
"holiday on the island mix-tape"

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